Our Psychologists are highly trained with a wide range of clinical experience.

  • Dr Lee Hearn

    I am a Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist with an interest in a wide range of neurological and developmental conditions. I have completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology and worked in private practice, hospital and community-based settings.

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  • Matthew Simmond

    I am a Clinical Psychologist with an interest in assessment and treatment of a wide range of developmental, behavioural and psychological conditions. I completed a Master of Clinical Psychology in 2009 and have worked predominately with children, adolescents and families in both government and private practice.

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  • Kylie Hinde

    I am a Clinical Psychologist and Registered Music Therapist who is passionate about working with children through to young adults, and their family networks, to support developmental, behavioural and psychological concerns.  

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  • Lucinda Hinckfuss

    I am a General Psychologist working towards their clinical endorsement. I have completed my Bachelor (Honours) in Psychological Science and Masters of Psychology (Clinical). My experience has included work with a wide range of age groups and presentations and I welcome clients from all backgrounds, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations. 

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  • Olivia Yaksich

    Olivia Yaksich is a General Psychologist completing the Clinical Registrar program to gain endorsement as a Clinical Psychologist in 2024. She has a particular interest in childhood stressors and the ongoing impact on a child’s development and beyond. This focus informs both psychological assessment and therapeutic approach. In her practice, Olivia collaborates closely with esteemed Paediatricians, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists. 

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  • Heather McAuliffe

    Heather is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar holding Master Degrees in Clinical and Professional Psychology. She has worked in private and community practice for assessment and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, domestic and family violence and personality disorders across the lifespan. Heather has a focused interested in neurodivergence. 

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