Education and Literacy Care

Literacy Care operates within the wider service environment of the Child Development Network. This allows for a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to managing developmental and learning problems and learning differences relative to literacy.

Literacy Care only implements scientific and evidence based literacy interventions which research shows can not only up-skill a child but can impact on the very neurological reason for their difficulty. Learning differences do not need to be ‘cured’ but they do need to be effectively managed and children with Dyslexia, and those with associated learning differences, cannot only survive but thrive.

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  • Dr Jason McGowan

    I am a specialist teacher with undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral qualifications in Education and Literacy and Learning Disability.

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  • Gail Northcote

    I am passionate about empowering students on the margins, this is what led me to postgraduate studies in special education. What a privilege it is to work with students whose brains are so diverse. These talented, gifted children complete our communities.

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