Developmental Paediatricians

Our developmental paediatricians are all qualified, registered medical specialists who are passionate about helping children achieve their best.

  • Dr Catherine Skellern

    Dr Catherine Skellern has extensive experience working in the field of child development and behaviour.

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  • Dr Mick O'Keeffe

    After graduating from medical school in 1990, I gained experience in various aspects of medicine in different places around Queensland, but it was paediatrics that really captured my attention.

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  • Dr Otilie Tork

    I am a developmental paediatrician and completed my medical degree at UNSW and specialist training in Sydney (Sydney Children’s Hospital and The Children’s Hospital, Westmead). My advanced paediatric training was in community child health, with a focus on Child Protection and Child and Adolescent psychiatry.

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  • Dr Ruth Surman

    I’m a Paediatrician specialising in Child Development. I studied Science and then post-graduate Medicine at the University of Queensland, graduating with Honours in 2005. I have since worked with children and their families in both hospital and community settings across Queensland and New South Wales.

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  • Dr Sinu Thilak

    As a Developmental Paediatrician I am passionate about assessment and diagnosis of children with developmental issues which includes specific and global development delays/ intellectual disability, behavioural issues, autism spectrum disorder, inattention and hyperactivity. One of the most satisfying parts of my jobs involves transitioning young people with intellectual and physical disability and other complex medical conditions to the next phase of their adult life.

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  • Dr Ela Nemati

    I am a consultant paediatrician who gained specialist qualifications in 2014 through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. I have a strong interest in Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics, and feel fortunate to have joined the team at the CDN in 2017.

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  • Dr Irmeen Khan

    Dr Irmeen Khan is a Paediatrician who brings more than 20 years of experience in looking after children and adolescents to CDN. She believes in an integrated and holistic approach to patient care. She enjoys building partnerships with children and families based on clear communication and mutual trust for helping them in their journey through life

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