The following pages help you choose who to see, and provides information about how to be referred for services and referral requirments.

Who to see

Different Clinicians have expertise with different types of issues. This page helps you choose who may be most suitable for your child to see.

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How to be referred

Different Clinicians have different referral requirements.

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New referrals

This page lists the individual Clinicians who consult from the CDN, and their specific referral processes. These include questionnaires your Clinician would like you to complete before you and your child attend your first appointment. Please complete and email to at least 14 days prior to your initial consultation. 

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CDN Policies

We ask that you read these policies before you come to your first appointment. They address important issues such as privacy, payment and appointment resceduling, cancelling and non-attendance of booked appointments and fees that may apply if adequate notice is not received.

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