Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to software and hardware used by a student to allow them to access the curriculum fully and enables them to participate and engage to a greater degree. 

Education Queensland recognises the need of AT for students needing support to access the curriculum and schools are required to provide such support.

Julie Tasker, is an Assistive Technology Consultant who works at CDN, offers a range of services to teach students how to use AT to meet their individual needs. At the first appointment Julie aims to identify the right programs for the individual student. Different programs may be demonstrated and/or trialled so that the student can see the potential of how the software will help. 

  • Julie Tasker

     I have a real passion to see children achieve their best, using technology to bridge the gap between what they can do, and what is expected of them in the classroom. I love watching a child’s self-esteem flourish as they are introduced to a specific device or program and are able to engage more fully in learning.

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