Clinical Psychology

Emotional, behavioural, and mental health issues

It is common for children and adolescents to experience social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties at some point while they are growing up. Sometimes, these difficulties cause them significant distress and make it difficult for them to participate fully in their daily home, school, and leisure activities. This can also be very difficult for their parents, siblings, friends, and teachers; who might struggle to know how to help the child.

Accessing clinical psychology support can be of great benefit in assessing and diagnosing the issues, developing strategies and treatments, and offering guidance and support to the child and the people supporting the child.

What we can help: presenting issues

The CDN Clinical Psychology services is beneficial for children and adolescents experiencing a range of issues, including:

Clinical Psychology - How we provide treatment services

Clinical psychology treatment programs are individualised to each child or adolescent, and usually include the following:

  1. Completion of background questionnaires by the child’s parents and other relevant people in the child’s life.
  2. Interviews with the parents and the child to discuss the issues of concern and explore the child’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and other factors that could be contributing to the issues.
  3. Development of a shared understanding of the possible factors contributing to the issues and development of a treatment plan designed to address these issues.
  4. Helping the child and his or her parents develop effective strategies for responding to their areas of difficulty.