Vektor is a recently developed training tool that uses the principles of neuroplasticity to develop a child’s working memory and mathematical skills. It has been created for younger students (typically 6 – 8 year olds) by leading game developers and some of the same neuroscientists who were responsible for the development of Cogmed, at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

The Vektor training is in the format of an adventure where your child becomes the hero and must save stranded animals. This gentle approach to learning is particularly suitable for younger students and for those who struggle in learning. The training uses aspects of numeracy, such as the number line, mental maths facts and spatial awareness to initially consolidate the concepts and then develop the speed and accuracy of the child ‘s engagement. The working memory activities are gradually introduced as the training progresses and whilst some are similar to those used in Cogmed, others have a format more appropriate for younger students.

We recommend the Vektor training for the following reasons:

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