CDN Practice Policies

Cancellation and non-attendance policy

This policy outlines what happens if you rescehdule or cancel a booked appointment at late notice (less than 48 hours) or if you do not attend a booked appointment.

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Privacy Policy

This policy outlines how we manage privacy of clinical information.

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Respect for All

This policy outlines our actions if you are abusive or rude to staff or other patients.

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Feedback from Families

Outlines the contact details for feedback on our service.

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Financial information

This policy provides information about Medicare and payment at CDN.

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Separated parents

This policy outlines how we manage information and communication in situations where parents are separated.

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Fees for non-consultation clinical services

This policy outlines how we manage requests for prescriptions, documents, phone calls and other clinical activities outside of face-to-face consultations.

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Medicare claiming

This policy outlines how to set up your Medicare information so that we can process your Medicare rebate automatically.

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Child Minding

This policy outlines who is responsible for care of your child in the waiting room.

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