Prescriptions and other non-consultation services

At CDN we can provide prescriptions, documents, phone calls and other services that are required outside of a face to face clinical consultation. This may be between consultations, or after you have finished working with us, a fee will apply for these services

Documents, additional phone calls and other clinical services

We are often asked to complete forms, write letters, make telephone calls and a variety of other activities that occur between face to face consultations.

We are bound by medico-legal and ethical constraints, but if we can do this, it is likely that a fee will apply.


When we prescribe medication for children, it is our routine to review progress at least every 6 months.

In some cases we can arrange for your GP to provide prescriptions when the situation is steady and no change is likely. Please discuss this with your CDN Doctor.

If your prescription runs out, or needs to be changed outside of a consultation setting, we may be able to provide this, however  a fee will apply. We will only provide sufficient medication to last until the next clinical appointment.


The fees charged for all of these activities vary depending on time taken, and also vary between individual clinicians. Please ask the administration staff for more information.

If we provide these non-consultation clinical services, we ask that you pay by credit card on the same day, either over the telephone or face to face if you come in to pick items up.