Information about Forms and Paperwork (e.g. NDIS & EAP forms) 

At CDN our focus is on face-to-face clinical consultations in a timely and structured manner. We recognise that for the children seen at CDN there is often a need to interface with other agencies, and additional paperwork may be required to support this (e.g. NDIS and the Education System.) Our clinicians are happy to help with these forms /paperwork, but as our primary focus is clinical work with the children we see, there can be some delay in getting paperwork completed.

In order to complete forms, we will need to have seen the child that the forms relate to within the last 6 months. If we have not seen the child within this period then you will need to book a consultation to ensure the information is accurate and relevant.

Our relationship is with families and their children, not schools. We will not process forms at the request of schools unless parents have been involved in the communication and requested us to do so. Our clinicians will not sign blank forms. Please ensure all relevant details have been completed prior to sending the forms to the CDN.

Forms can be sent to the practice email address:  cdn(at) To ensure an efficient process please include the child's FULL name, date of birth and clinician involved.

Please allow at least a two-week turn around for requests relating to paperwork and forms. A fee might apply if paperwork is requested outside of a clinical consultation. Please discuss this with our Administration staff.