Dr Jane Lesslie

MBBS Medical Degree, Sydney University
FRACP Specialist Paediatric Qualification, Royal Australasian College of Physicians
DRACOG Diploma of the Royal Australasian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Please Note: I will be retiring from consulting work at the CDN in March 2018, and not seeing new referrals after the end of 2017. For more information please contact our administrative staff.

 I am a paediatrician who has specialised my practice in child development and behaviour. I joined the CDN in 2012, and feel fortunate to work here with others who are also passionate about excellence in helping children who have developmental difficulties.

I obtained my medical degree in 1981 at the University of Melbourne. I firstly trained for, and worked in, General Practice (in Geelong and in Perth), prior to undertaking specialist training in Paediatrics. I began my specialist training in 1989 at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.

Before coming to Brisbane, I worked for over a decade as a consultant in the Child Development Service in Perth.

I moved with my family to Sydney in 2009, and that year took up the position of Clinical Director at the Royal Far West in Manly, Sydney. I remained there until late 2011 before moving to Brisbane.

I have a strong interest in the quality of care that is delivered to children with developmental and behavioural difficulties. This interest was behind my decision to  join the Specialist Advisory Committee in Community Child Health, within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Community Child Health is a newly recognised sub-speciality, which includes the 3 domains of Child Development and Behaviour, Child Protection, and Child Population Health. I held positions of both Advanced Training Coordinator and Chair during my several years on that committee, and was involved in the creation of a new Advanced Training Curriculum. 

I am proud to have been one of the paediatricians who conceived of and established the Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Paediatric Society of Australasia (NBPSA). I first held the role of Foundation Secretary, and am currently the Vice President. This society was established in 2012, with a dual vision:

  • Firstly, that children with, or who are at risk of having, Neurodevelopmental Disorders will experience more successful childhoods. As a result, they will achieve their personal potential to become happy and contributing adult members of our Australasian society;
  • Secondly, that the doctors who care for these children and their families will experience professional lives that are effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

The NBPSA has grown through its early years, to a current membership of almost 300 doctors, across Australia, New Zealand, and the SE Asian region. We have an active membership group, who communicate regularly across the region. We also hold regular educational events, to help members and other paediatricians and specialists keep abreast of advances in the field. I have been involved in running a number of these.

I am currently the Vice President, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Paediatric Society of Australasia

I see the family as the foundation for successful management of children with developmental special needs, and always attempt to help parents and carers understand their children’s needs better in consultations.

Fundamental to me is the belief that my work as a developmental paediatrician is most effective when children are included in the process at all stages, to a developmentally appropriate degree. I aim to engage the child in discussions from the very first visit, and find their contribution particularly valuable.

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