KidsPB helps you store, manage and share documents about your child's care.


Unlike other records system, you are in complete control of your information.


Health based information systems only share information between health professionals and patients. KidsPB allows you to share with any professional involved (e.g. teachers).

Mobile version

A free mobile version is in development.

This will make it easy to share your documents when you are out of the house (e.g. teachers).

It also makes it easy to photograph and upload documents into your site.

This opportunity

The offer to participate is being made to parents of children seen recently by Dr McDowell. 

If you choose to participate, we offer to send electronic copies of Dr McDowell's consulting correspondence to be stored in your child's KidsPB document library, and get you started.

KidsPB is still under development. We have built this with ease of use and security of information in mind. We would like your feedback about the function, use and any suggestions for improvement, and any potential bugs you may find.

If you would like to set up a KidsPB account for your child, please email Dr McDowell.

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